What is the Divine Feminine?

And why does it matter?

You may be hearing the terms divine feminine and divine masculine coming up a lot lately. So what does that mean and why does it matter?

Masculine and Feminine are aspects of energy. They are not gendered. Our consciousness is basically divided into these two parts, and in order for us to function within a balanced energy we must have both.

The Divine Feminine is the aspect of the self that is associated with intuition, creation, sensuality and community and collaboration. And it is the aspect of the self that has been the most suppressed.

The divine feminine is connected to empathy and emotion.

Empathy and emotion are connected to feminine energy – not female, not woman. Feminine. There’s a big difference. Both men and women and every identifier in between have aspects of feminine energy. Or at least, they’re supposed to.

Masculine energies have been running the show for such a long time that the Feminine energies meant to balance it have been squashed – and now the world is out of balance.

Due to the fact that our Root chakra energies feel constantly threatened, the Masculine side of our consciousness has amped up to keep us not only safe, but also alive. Societal conditioning has taught us that we must compete in order to both survive and succeed. Everything is a threat.

If we continue to perceive others as a threat we will never get ahead. We will continue to function from competition and suppression. Our feminine energy asks us to collaborate and to come together in community. When in balance, our Root energies also tell us that we are better together. We survive and thrive within community.

Our Masculine energies are our energies of action and logic. Our Feminine energies are energies of introspection and emotion. We often hear that we must balance our head and our heart. We must take into consideration both our logical thoughts and our emotional intuition in order to best make decisions.

Except emotions get a bad reputation. Why? Because society has conditioned us to believe that emotion is weakness. Emotion is actually incredibly intelligent and intuitive. As energetic beings our bodies and emotions are constantly in communication with us, trying to guide us down the right path. The glorification of the masculine and logical thought has very much shut down this very natural and necessary part of us.

Because men in particular have been taught that to show emotion is weakness, this has led to the suppression of the feminine within themselves and created a hatred towards the feminine in others – because it is something they are denied and though their conscious mind does not recognize this denial, their energy does. And because women are trying just as hard as men to survive, they suppress their own feminine energies in order to compete and get ahead.

Societal conditioning has completely damaged the fine balance of these energies. Somewhere along the way we have been taught that feminine energy is the realm of woman and masculine energy is the realm of man. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While you may be more dominant in one or the other, we are all both. How these energies are expressed is up to each individual.

In order to return to a truly balanced world, we must break societal conditioning and balance our masculine and feminine energies. We must realize that we are not talking about male and female traits. We are talking about energy and consciousness. We must allow the feminine to rise and take its proper place.

We must receive just as much as we give. We must allow ourselves to feel our emotions and welcome the messages they are sending us. We must take time to process these emotions before taking action on them. And we must return to a society that nurtures and cares for one another. This is the rise of the Divine Feminine. It is the power of the collective. It is balance. And it is time.

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