Chakras? What are those?

I'm sure you've heard the term Chakras before. Maybe your teacher mentioned them in a yoga class or you saw a funny meme about them. Maybe you're intimately connected to your chakras or perhaps they're not something you've ever been interested in. If you fall into the second category, let me tell you why you should care about your chakras.

First - Chakra, or cakra in Sanskrit, is a word meaning 'wheel' and refers to subtle energy centres in your body. The Chakras as we know and use them now are not really based on yogic tradition, of which there are several different versions of chakra systems ranging from a 5 chakra system to a 114 chakra system.

In Tantric tradition the chakras were focal points of meditation, visualized as structures of energy resembling flowers (most commonly the lotus). These energy points were the places in which nadis, or energy channels, converged.

While we do not necessarily understand the chakras in their original context and tradition, I believe the 7 chakra system that we mainly know today is a crucial one for the world that we live in. This 7 chakra system is widely influenced by Carl Jung, and connects each centre to real world issues, as you'll see below.

These 7 main chakras begin at the base of your spine and travel up to the crown of your head. Each chakra contains different energies pertaining to different areas of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of being human. The energies represented in each area are vital to functioning well as a human being.

For example, your Root chakra is located at the base of your spine and considered to be chakra number 1 in the energetic system. The Root contains the energies of survival, family and your basic foundation of living on this Earth.

When we look at the chakras not just as Spiritual centres, but as Human centres, we can truly begin to see their importance. Survival is a very human need. We live here on Earth, in a family, a society, under a government and potentially within a culture or religion. If we can begin to see that energy lives within all of these things, and these energies influence us, we accept that to work with energy is a very human thing to do.

We all want to not only function well as humans, but to thrive. In order to thrive, we need an intimate awareness of what's going on inside of us. Do you become emotionally reactive but can't figure out why or what is causing it? Are you completely disconnected from your emotions and struggle to feel things deeply? Both of these are symptoms of energetic imbalance. Stuck energies. Blocked energies. Call it what you like, but it's indicating that awareness and healing are needed.

Energetic imbalance can manifest itself in our minds as thoughts or behaviours, in our emotional being, and in our physical bodies as pain and illness. Can't quite figure out why you have chronic back pain or constant headaches? Have you tried everything possible in the modern, Western idea of healing and nothing has worked? Look to your energy.

Uncovering the chakras allows us to intimately know ourselves on such a deep level that we become aware of all that we have suppressed and avoided. The awareness we gain empowers us to confront our deeper needs and begin the process of healing.

Healing is something so desperately needed in our current world, but it starts with each individual.

Knowing and working with your chakras isn't just about healing, however. It's about the maintenance of a healthy overall system. To understand what each chakra contains, we learn to keep these energies in balance. We teach ourselves how to recognize when we are experiencing stuck or stagnant energies and can immediately take action to clear them, returning ourselves to a state of flow.

Do you want to feel fully free in your life? To flourish in the direction of your deepest wants? To create change you must know what controls you. To transform yourself into your truest, most genuine expression asks that you dive deep into this world, your world, and start cleaning it out.

It' simple. Understand your energy and you understand yourself.

The Energy Empowerment Course begins October 20th.

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