Are the Chakras our Centres of Spiritual Power?

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

The answer is yes. But.

The Chakras aren't only centres of Spiritual power. They're also centres of Human power.

The 7 main chakras of our energetic system are a journey of maturation and transformation. They are a process of growth, knowledge and awareness.

So many people avoid working with things like chakras, energy healing such Reiki and even meditation, because they don't label themselves as spiritual people.

There are also those what would very much define themselves as Spiritual beings, sometimes to the detriment of their human experience.

News flash: the way you label yourself is preventing you from fully experiencing yourself within the world around you!

If you're in a flesh and blood body walking around on Earth trying to figure it all out, you should probably start looking closer to home for the answers. And by closer, I mean really close. So close, you can't even see them. But you can feel them.

These answers that you're constantly seeking are in the subtle layers of your being. Your energy body. Every human body has an energy body. Every human body is an energy body. Ultimately, they cannot be separated. They are merged until your energy body leaves Earth and your human body returns to it. So, maybe you should start working with the energy body in order to make your human experience more beneficial?

As a human being we need to know how to navigate finances, relationships, careers, emotions, traumas and really, just everything. How?

We look to our energetic centres for the answers.

We start at the bottom, which is the beginning of our journey. The Root chakra is our foundation. It contains the energy of survival. Food, water, shelter. Pretty human things, right? These things are energy. Food = energy. Water = energy. Shelter, yes, also energy. If you lack any of these basic needs as you are growing up, it creates an energetic response. The energies of fear, lack and needs not met. As an adult, you will function from these energies of lack through actions like constantly striving for financial support, hoarding, feeling that you never have a enough or aren't worthy of having material abundance, as just a few examples. You will live your adult life influenced by these energies until you learn to understand and clear them. See, very human.

As we travel up the energetic centres, we continue to see how very applicable energy is to our human experience. The process involves childhood (Root)

into independent adulthood (Sacral), into courageous and confident people (Solar Plexus) functioning with emotional intelligence (Heart). We learn to express ourselves into the world around us (Throat) and create a life that is true to us, with intuition (Third eye) and connectivity (Crown).

This human experience is our spiritual experience. They aren't separate from one another, no matter how you label yourself. You're here on Earth learning and growing as a human being in order to gain spiritual progress. You must learn to accept both your humanness and your spiritual side, even if you haven't quite discovered it yet.

Journeying through the 7 main chakras of your energetic system can provide deep insight and knowledge on this balance between human and spiritual. It can help you understand that you can begin this journey exactly where you are, as you are.

The Energy Empowerment Course beings October 20th!

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