During this 15 minutes you will be led through a breath centered meditation to assist you in releasing stress and anxiety.  This meditation can be used for relaxation or before bed. 

This meditation features music by James Buduhan.  

This Nidra-like Meditation will assist you to relax your body, clear your mind and prepare for sleep.  

This Meditation features music by James Buduhan.

Cleanse and align your energy. Connect to yourself and to the energies above and below. 

Music credit to Chris Collins, https://indiemusicbox.com

In this short meditation, connect with and bring healing to your inner child. 

Music credit to Chris Collins, https://indiemusicbox.com

In this very brief meditation, you will set your intentions for the day.  A great mini addition to your current morning ritual. 

In this short relaxation you will be verbally guided through a brief visualization meant to restore and calm. 

This meditation can be used to harness the energies of the New Moon, assisting you in setting intentions and welcoming new beginnings.  Not the New Moon? Use this meditation anytime you wish to bring power and intention to new ideas and new beginnings. 

This meditation features music by James Buduhan. 

This balancing and cleansing meditation features crystal bowls tuned to each of the seven main chakras.  A mantra is provided for each tone/Chakra, which you are encouraged to repeat in your mind for the duration of that tone. 

Great for a moment of relaxation throughout your day, or before bed.  

In this short meditation you will be guided to create a sacred space. A place that is not physical, but that is held within you. This sacred space is a place within you that you can return to in your own meditation practice in order to find peace and calm. 

In this 15 minute meditation you will be guided through a heart centered process of loving kindness. 

Music credit to Chris Collins, https://indiemusicbox.com

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